Service Dogs

In recent years with a plethora of studies coming to the forefront, more and more families are looking to canines to help their loved ones with disabilities. Service dogs play a very special role by helping their owners function on a daily basis and making the entire family’s life better. These dogs help people suffering from PTSD and other anxiety disorders, studies have shown that when we touch dogs there is a hormone released healing power. Tether training can also be utilized as an additional measure to ensure safety and stress reduction. They help encourage communication and comfortability, amazingly enough sometimes the non-verbal are able to establish communication with their canine companion. Being specially trained in search and rescue, is a skill that can be used to ensure the owners safety. For those with stimming behaviors and violent outbursts, the dog is trained to apply pressure with nose and paw to help break that attention; keeping the owner and others safe. They can apply a soothing and comforting pressure by bridging (laying over) their owner. The list of what these very intelligent canines can be trained to do is really infinite. Here at LEAD with Love Inc., we create a personal training program for both dog and owner that caters to the specific areas of concern.

Unique Advantages:

  • Fast turnaround for training and home placement of a service dog
  • Most families beginning a process like this will run into lots of red tape and waiting lists of 1-3 years. A lot of organizations will not begin training until the entire amount, usually between 15-25k, is fundraised and in their hands. We place the puppy as early as 8 weeks depending on the family situation, and the puppy is integrated into the family unit and immediately able to bond and begin learning. The entire process takes about two years and the training is broken up into home and facility training stents with the payments being broken up over time.

  • Unique method of training
  • We believe in integrating the canine with its family as soon as possible. This ensures that both puppy and family are learning together and bonding as soon as possible. It is this bond that lead to the inevitable success of the pair, as well as, a lifelong bond. We focus on training canine and handler intensely as both are equally important pieces to this process.

  • Fewer restrictions
  • We welcome all kinds of challenges and are willing to tackle even difficult placements. There are no age restrictions. We do not require that the recipient and family don’t have other pets within the home.

Shelter to Service

At LEAD with Love Inc, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from shelters and difficult to adopt situations in order to provide them with specialized training to perform specialized tasks for their handlers. The dogs will undergo a basic training portion and be required to pass their canine good citizen testing. At this point the canine will move onto specialty individual training. It is a fact that 1 out of 5 veterans and 1 out of 8 first responders develop PTSD and our dogs will be able to help them with their anxiety, issues in public, companionship and so many other daily activities. It is our goal to train both the canine and the handler intensively to ensure a successful working relationship and emotional bond. Through this program not only will we be able to serve those who have served us and our country selflessly, but we will be able to positively impact the local shelter populations.