We have a flexible curriculum to accommodate home needs as well as your puppy’s.

Our training starts with a new puppy being introduced to the family for a period of 5 weeks. During this phase, we send the family home with a lesson on basic puppy training and homework so that the owners have a checklist for the puppies homecoming including:

  • Health/Vetting
  • House Training
  • Walking on leash, loose (as often as possible). Also practicing off leash play outdoors, creating toy drive
  • Introductions of puppy to new stimuli and specific words and reaction such as “Leave it”, “Press”, and “OK”

Weekly training with trainer, your coach, broken into multiple training stents over the next year (maybe more) of your puppy’s life.

Behavioral Training—5 weeks

  • Includes socialization with puppies and dogs, a stable social pack
  • Brain activities to stimulate independent thinking
  • Waiting at doors and going up and down stairs politely
  • Includes some of the basic puppy commands like sit, wait, leave it, front, down and more client specific needed training
  • Pubic manners, no barking at strangers or others
  • Accustomed to be handled by a groomer
  • Crate training with no accidents over nights and quiet time / travel training (up to 4 hours)
  • Training with no chewing and teaching tone corrections with “no”
  • Off training, no jumping
  • Familiarizing them with noises such as loud music, tv, traffic, laundry, dropping chairs and more
  • Familiarizing them with smells such as farm animals, traffic smells, different people, and treats
  • Emailed tips, best practice training, routines, learned behaviors with each stent sent home

Obedience Training—6-8 Weeks. Includes but is not limited to:

  • Heeling on the loose leash including alternating speeds and directions
  • Automatic sits when stopped
  • Down on command
  • Extended stays, up to 10 minutes
  • Climb and Place training
  • Side training and left and right finishes
  • Off leash listening and heeling
  • Specific client needed training
  • Hand signal training for basic commands
  • Continued behavior training

This portion of the program is geared towards achieving and titling in the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) program, a 10 step test available in multiple levels of difficulty. CGC is an award/title and a prerequisite for many therapy dog groups. Your pup will be presented to an AKC evaluator for its award and title opportunity. Attending and participating are an option.

Job-Specific Training—4-6 weeks

  • Involves location training in public facilities such as county offices, stores, restaurants, dog events, and any public area
  • Task oriented training specific to type of service dog. May include retrieving items, pressing for autism, Bridging over children with autism, pulling a wheel chair, or Search training for wandering person
  • Teaching the dog to notify owner of concerns ie. Autistic child stemming, anxiety attack, visitors, or an alarm
  • We will introduce your pup to the advanced level of the AKC CGC award/title. The evaluation following proves the quality of the training your dog has, the incredible manners, and having excellent community skills

Owner Training with Private Lessons—Up to 10 (email and phone communication included)

  • Follow up with training from your coach, average of 1 hours lessons
    • Includes obedience instructions and demonstrations with trained dogs as well as with the puppy
    • May require child for autism clients
  • On site training in public locations, ie downtown sidewalks, restaurants, hallways, trails etc.
  • Field training for Search
  • Re-freshers for owners

Health Maintenance

  • Worming will be done according to vet guidelines
  • Vaccinations will be kept up to date
  • Baths, hair trimmings (if necessary), nail clipping, ear cleanings, and brushings kept up as needed. *At home maintenance of bathings are to be kept up between stents of training
  • Any other necessary vetting that may arise through our veterinary clinic
  • High quality food ordered and kept with trainer as well as ample treats
  • We provide play toys for training location and your puppy will go home with proper training collars and vest
  • We will give many hugs, cuddles, and kisses to your puppy. We want a happy loving pup too!


Every dog is not the same and each is unique. Sometimes they exhibit incredible manners and others may not be ready to pass the advanced evaluation and certification due to settling into their adolescence differently. Trademark Training will assist you in making the right decision for progression for you and your dog when the pup is ready.

Your Service Dog Certification

Your dog will receive all awards/titles earned after each interval passed. We will provide you with necessary badge, vest, and certificates of completion of our Service Dog Training program. Owner must pass final evaluation of skills and training with the puppy in order to receive certification.