Our Mission:

  • Vastly improve the daily living of people with special needs through placement and training of task trained service dogs who will provide their handler with increased independence, and aid the family unit
  • Implement a unique training program geared to produce the highest quality service dogs and emotional support dogs building the strongest handler/canine bond integrating the canine into the family unit as early as possible and offering intense ongoing training to both handler and canine to ensure a successful working relationship
  • Set a precedent and standard within the service dog community enforcing guidelines and a standardized testing to ensure the quality of dog with this type of certification and specialization
  • Educate and create awareness within our community for the public to further help the success of service dogs
  • Promote teamwork with rescue organizations and accepted breeders for improved canine placement options into Lead with Love’s training service dog program,

Our Vision:

  • Be the top choice as provider and trainer of service dogs on a national scale
  • Implement a unique training program for both canine and handler as well as setting a stringent set of quality standards and extensive testing for certification
  • Become financially self-sufficient and able to provide financial assistance and low cost adoption fees for our clients
  • Have a large corps of volunteers with the pertinent training needed to assist in the everyday running of our facility, exercising and helping care for our canines, marketing, fundraising, etc.
  • Change litigation revolving around service animals; fighting for Medicaid coverage for all or part of the cost of the service animals, as well as, changing the requirements to receive an animal and the evaluation and training necessary for the service animal to be certified and recognized