Meet the Morgans!

Zack (11) with his new service-dog-in-training Reuben.

Meet the Morgans!  Amy and Jay Morgan celebrate 25 years of marriage this year and have adopted three children.  Their oldest, Sarah, is 18 and studying to be a graphic designer.  She is creative, vibrant, and sensitive to people's needs.  The Morgan's middle child is Zack. He is 11 years old and diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Autism. He is full of energy and life, with a dash of mischief!  The youngest of the Morgans is 4 year-old Alexandra.  She came from an orphanage in Haiti and was born with bilateral clubfeet and Arthrogryposis.  She is sensitive and kind, and very determined.  The Morgan family also care for Reggie, who has been living with them for 2 years.  Reggie is a gentle, happy soul who is wheelchair-dependent because of his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

The Morgans love their life and the challenges that come with many different needs in the household.  However, they have been deeply concerned about Zack and his tendency to wander off and get lost. Zack has very little fear or awareness of danger.  He has been known to wander into oncoming traffic, climb the fence and go several houses away, wander off at school, hospitals, etc.  Police have had to conduct searches for him and it is scary for the family. Zack is quick and will disappear in the blink of an eye.

Recently, the Morgans have been researching the benefits of a service dog.  This is something they strongly believe will help keep Zack safe.  They are hoping to work towards training a dog soon that will be able to alert when Zack is trying to wander, have the ability to track him if he does disappear and also help disrupt and discourage some obsessive compulsive behaviors he sometimes exhibits.

Because of the complex dynamic of needs in the Morgan home, they would probably greatly benefit from more than one service dog, but will start with the biggest need first… helping to keep sweet Zack safe!

Reuben, a German Shepard puppy, has just made it home with the Morgans, and will be continuing to train to fit the unique needs of his new family.